>Harper’s Halloween


“Another day and night nobody needs, another day to spend money on useless things like vampire teeth and bloodpaste.” 
This was my thought when I realised that Halloween is close to show up again. But what if this “event”, which has its origins in the US, is celebrated for nearly an incredible week? This is what happens when you live in London. You think you go to a normal party on a Wednesday night for some hip hop beats and all you get is a fully decorated room with scary dressed people (I’m not joking) and other guests being all dressed up (pictures of that evening to be uploaded the upcoming days). I wouldn’t really mind how long this whole halloween hype is going to last, if there wouldn’t be all of that pressure you feel when everyone around, including your friends, is dressing up and getting all excited. That’s why I obviously saw no other chance but to treat myself with some goodies from Ad Hoc .. this time with vampire fangs instead of the regular crazy stuff. 
So what’s all that Halloween celebration about?! It’s just another day/night/week (for those hardcore Londoners) to get drunk, invest money in useless stuff and then take it as a reason to celebrate at least something. Just like Valentine’s Day. Or any other day we never get a reasonable answer for its existence. I guess it’s quite funny to dress up and see who else is trying to let out the slutty nun/vampire/police officer babe/what so ever in herself.
Pictures will follow.

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