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I just came back from one of the coolest trips I could have had this summer. And fell in love. With Ibiza.
The facets, the weather, the vibe of the island and the right places with the right people – all of this filled me with so much energy that I’m ready for all the changes that will come pretty soon. One of the most beautiful places I visited, was definitely the trip to Formentera. The last time I saw such a water condition (no exaggeration), was actually when I spent my holidays on the Bahamas.
I never expected an island like Ibiza (which I honestly supposed to be an island full of party-enthusiastic idiots that destroy most of the places with their behaviour) to offer so many inspiring locations being far far far far away from any ugly, dull party-people. Like all of those beaches I spent the mornings/middays at. Or  the Atzaró, one of the cool restaurants I got to eat at. Built in the middle of literally nowhere (on the more countrified sites of the island), a breathtaking area with a loungy atmosphere surprised me and was accompanied by a delicious cuisine.
Another surprise that went behind my expectations was the variety in furniture-offerings. Sluiz, for example, shows an incredible amount of (sometimes useless but still funny to look at) interior decorations and La Maison De L’Elephant is one of the most impressive shops (you can actually call it HALLS) I ever went to. I will do a separate post about La Maison De L’Elephant since I hate blog posts with too many pictures (+ I want to avoid my “picture-editing-and-eliminating” problem, which then again results in complete dissatisfaction – it’s all so complicated when you’re 19 and this could be your only current problem).
Overall, Ibiza is a beautiful place to stay and I hope that I will come back some time again. Possibly next summer. I wish …
Me + my disability of taking pictures of myself more professionally therefore posing in the mirror like an idiot just because I’m that impressed of what I’m wearing

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With an Austrian and German background, Anna has lived in London for almost 7 years now. started as a personal fashion & lifestyle diary in 2009 and was re-launched in 2015 with a new design.