Thanks to I finally found out who that little girl in British Vogue’s latest issue (and earlier in Vogue Paris) is. Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau (which celebrity’s child is this!?) is just 10 years old but I guess beside from her age and her height there are just a few things that remind me of a child. The look, the make up, the way she gets dressed – everything seems pretty much like she is supposed to act like a 25 years old supermodel in her best days.
Thylane is pretty. Period. But her parents seem to be something close to an insane state of mind. The more I think about those shots and the more I flip through those pictures, the more I get some serious mortifying feeling. A feeling that makes me vomit while thinking about how many pedophiles eventually will be the happiest people when looking at those images. Not that I’m that conservative to be shocked about each controversial photoshoot or anything else happening in fashion but when it comes to little 10 year olds posing and above all acting like they were 20 something (and all of this actually not happening at home but on in an official, popular magazine) I guess all of my liberalism comes to its borders. Surely, we girls remember those times when we snaffled mommy’s lipstick and all of her other stuff and started a little make up massacre on one’s own face. But being (involuntarily?!) put in scene and actually not expressing a child’s nature is something different. Could someone please buy her some clothes that fit her and put her in something that looks a little more natural to her age?! Let her pose for an appropriate RL commercial. I wouldn’t mind this. 
Even if someone would claim that this girl loves posing in front of the camera in a golden bodycon dress with shoes three sizes too big while being surrounded by bunnies ( + other macabre settings), I personally see all of this as more inappropriate than funny. There’s just a little hope left that Thylane’s parents get back to reality and realise her daughter’s actual age and possible interests. 
Quel maquillage à quel age”? I’d say as soon as you are able to hold a lipstick and work legally as a model. 
Comment se maquiller à 13 ans“? – I doubt that a 10 year old will be able to answer this. Gross.

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