>OMG! MGM! Models Gone Mad!


Normally, I don’t care about that whole model-issue (who’s in, who’s out blahblah) except it has something to do with a pure excitement of my aesthetic feeling (e.g. “Asia’s Hottest”).
Either the moving hallstand is extraordinary,worthy-to-mention beautiful or it isn’t. (what a great metaphorical outburst of myself).
However, when it comes to little chill-out minutes in life, you might click through rubrics you normally wouldn’t care at all. And so did I. This time, it was that “fresh faces”-rubric of and I just decided to go on and all of a sudden those few pictures hit my eyes and triggered two kinds of excitement. The one letting my “aesthetic feeling”-heartbeat go faster and the one letting my honest feeling of disgust come out.
We were all told once in a while that “beauty lies in the beholder’s eye” and I agree to some extent, but let’s get real and look at the pictures. Like those of Kelly Mittendorf. Where is the beauty? Where? If someone finds it, please let me know and possibly explain why every at least 1,80 m tall bitch can call herself a professional model (seriously, you tall people heartlessly destroyed my little-girl-dream of becoming a superdupermodel ;)). Not that I’m in a bitchy mood on Mondays but she seriously reminds me of those sphynx cats. The eyes and all. I just feel like eww-ing all the time I go over the pictures. Yeah, maybe that’s absolutely immature of me, myself and I but it is what it is. 
And what about Nadiia Shapoval? A liittle biit masculiine iin her face.
Leaving those two aside, I also found some pretty people. Such as Aygul Galimullina (what a last name… :D) and Ilva Hetmann. Ilva is German which surprises me since I haven’t seen much beauty (coming from my second homecountry) after Toni Garrn Superstar.
Overall I’m asking myself what some agencies are thinking when employing examples like Nadiia or Kelly. Maybe it’s THE look. Too good I will never see those faces covering ELLE, VOGUE or anything else. Because let’s be honest: A beauty editorial wouldn’t be very coaxing…
Nadiia Shapoval
Kelly Mittendorf

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