>Aston Martin & Colette: Another fashionable car?


Since I’ve been discovering the fashionability of some car-designers, I was ever since a huge fan of the Fiat 500 in its Gucci edition. Although I’ve been commenting it positively enough to indicate another car-wish of myself (which is absolutely rare and completely unnecessary thanks to my cute car standing in front of my door), I’ve been already forgetting the possibiltiy of other designers to bring out a similar car. Thanks to Aston Martin and Colette, that French concept store situated in Paris (we’ve been all their at least once in a lifetime, haven’t we!?), I got attentive for another little luxury car again. 
Admitting some serious investments in researches, the Cygnet model is the smallest of all produced by Aston Martin (and to all the male readers: please forgive if I’m wrong). The limited edition of the collaboration with Colette is exclusively produced 14 times and is especially decorated with blue details, which is the absolute feature of Colette. I would not go for those blue details but I’m sure Colette doesn’t care that much about my opinion. Too bad. The radiator grill, the bonnet, the rims and side mirrors  – it’s all about electric blue, which I’d normally appreciate but not when it comes to car “accessories”. Also that brown leather-equipment, which is dedicated to Colette’s mascot Oscar (a brown dog) can’t gain any further excitement. 
Also I’m a fan of quilted details but I’m not convinced of the alcantara-sun visors in quilt-optic and those leather pillows in electric blue… . 
However, I wouldn’t say no if some insane person would ask me if he or she would buy me that car just for fun and just because it’s so much easier to find a parking place in September, when I’m finally moving to London again (please feel the irony). Maybe I’d go for the simple version just calling itself Aston Martin Cygnet. Preferably in black. And without those pillows (I’m a fast driver, what do those pussy pillows have to do with my fast driving lifestyle ?! ;)). 
Dreaming is such a wonderful thing…
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