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>Elie Tahari goes Safari


…or at least Creative Director Kobi Halperin who obviously got inspired during his trip to Marrakech as has already reported.
Although I always put myself down as “just not being the attracted-by-turban-caftan-type”, I have to confess the opposite now. Those white coloured turbans in combination to airy manufactured dresses and tunics simply caught me and let me consider a future purchase of one new tunic (at least) in one of Tahari’s colours.
White and cream as well as tangerine/mustard and a strong, flashy mixture of pinky red build the main colour palette for next year’s Resort 2012 collection.
The good meanwhile old snakeprint adds a wild but established detail and oh wonder, comes in colours like a dirty yellow or a dark shade of red. This ultimately reminds me of Dolce and Gabbana’s coloured leoprint for this year’s fall/winter and therefore reveals that coloured animalpatterns seem to be the advanced version of the current nature-trend. 
Flourishes and other ornaments find themselves on Tahari’s tunic/caftan-sleeves again and indicate that oriental twist which seemed to be Halperin’s lovely detail for his collection.
Slowly but surely we seem to say goodbye (or at least see you some time again) to colourblocking (thank God) and move to more definite combinations that result tone in tone. Or in a natural-featuring-strong colour combination.
Another material that seems to be so established but still upgradable is jeans and I feel happy to announce that I’m privileged (oh yes) enough to have two oldschool-jeans-jackets ;) (which one of them really is – we celebrate our 11th anniversary this year, which sadly indicates that I haven’t grown much since then). While Halperin combines that oldie goldie to similar coloured pants (ring ring ring remember what I’ve just written about blocking our colours next year/at the end of this year), I would go for something clearer, eventually a white/cream coloured version.
The shoes all come in the same model and attracted me the minute I got to see them. The heel comes as a wedge and is open toed (still not sure if I will ever start liking this but never say never) with beautiful embellishments that eventually were only made for those of us having a fine silhouette that results in flimsy ankles.
I like! 

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