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>Dsquared² Show @ Life Ball 2011


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I’m so behind with all the promised videos and the comment on the show, that there’s just the time to put those two things together in one post so that I can move on without any kind of bad feelings.
As I’ve been already telling in the previous post (Spread the Wings of Tolerance – Life Ball 2011!), this event was outrageous and so was the show with all the artists and celebs.
Designer-brothers Dean and Dan Caten from Dsquared² were chosen to present an exclusive collection in the occasion of Life Ball and with the intention to raise awareness of AIDS.
Seeing this show through the eyes of a guest I can tell that I got completely impressed.
The light, the models, the music – everything appeared to be so perfectly applied to the motto and the ball itself.
However, when it comes to see the collection by itself and without all the special effects, actually done by other artists, there are some things I noticed, which don’t seem to be that positive as the whole event appeared to be.
Like the beginning of the show, which was so lame that I hoped for some boom until the end. It felt like a bad bad copy of a Victoria’s secret show final just with a model nobody knew (hello, this was Life Ball) and two male models on here side who just went next to her until the runway ended before heading back without any expression or gesture. Not that I’m a model-pro who knows how models should walk but aren’t they supposed to do a SHOW? Not a we-are-at-Milan/Paris-serious-Fashionweek but a show in terms of Hey, it’s Life Ball – we should celebrate life, be bitchy, crazy, sexy, full of phantasies and DO SOMETHING. The outfits appeared to be okay but not outstanding. Not inspiring, not catchy. Just the average you normally suppose from someone who was just not bothered to create something special
However, this got overshadowed pretty quickly since the Caten brothers then chose (wisely enough) most of the stars to run the rest of the show. Lydia Hearst, Amanda Lepore and some nobodies from Austria and Germany got the chance to present themselves in that exclusive collection. I’m still asking myself why someone like Mr. Giabiconi was not able to participate but oh well, we don’t know everything.
Amanda was once again the absolute heroine of the whole show and so was the Eastern European dancing group Kazaky, who definitely danced the show to its climax.  Whoever thought that men and highheels are two things that don’t match to each other, has definitely not seen those guys.
The definite detail of the collection were feathers and so I just perfectly fitted into the whole theme. Black wings and a nest on my head – it couldn’t have been better!! 
Helmets with black feathered details on top that somehow reminded of those British guardians wear and strict cuts implied a sexy (? still not sure about that) but meanwhile crazy atmosphere that transformed the aforementioned mixture of  Rihanna’s SM-phantasies with Victoria’s Secret (that always comes shiny and glittery) into a cliché-collection.
The typical underwear Dsquared likes to present over and over again couldn’t have been left out, so no wonder that some of our beloved male model angels just ran down in some golden wings and with a pampers-like shorts together with some accessories I haven’t noticed yet – loo papers entwining around those trained arms and legs … I’m not sure whether I could ever take pleasure in this. 
Beside these little questionable “trends” you could have spotted, there is surely the good thing about this whole show and its intention: A limited edition of sneakers designed for this year’s ball were created and the profit goes to the CHAI pediatric programme.
I’m already curious who will be the next for Life Ball 2012 and I just can barely wait.  

(all the above listed pictures were taken by Andreas Tischler)
Dsquared rolling over the red carpet
Fashionshow Pt. 1 
Fashionshow Pt. 2
Fashionshow Pt. 3 
Natalia Kills
The Opening
The Opening Pt. 2 
Pegasus ;) 
Vivienne Westwood

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