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When it came to names like those of lovely Tanya Dziahileva (ok that’s easy you might think but then again remember how many Tanyas, Sashas, Ruslanas, Olgas with all their awesome last names exist), I had to discover that I’m absolutely bad at remembering them. I always said to myself that it is not worth it remembering names of people I find uninteresting (so in this case we talk about “uninteresting” in terms of “not beautiful”/”she looks like a ghost/idiot/mouse/other associations not to be listed here”). So, no wonder that when the Russiamania started some years ago with a huge Sasha-boom, I found myself in a little aesthetic-as well as name-disaster. This was the point where I ended my longtime-thought of being “fashion-educated” enough and started learning some of those names and accepting the fact that we Western situated people just don’t have the physical conditions to reach such heights, weights and bones beside from some looks that can’t be understood as aesthetically beautiful (we here leave out the front of Russian supermodels Natalia or Karolina).
However, it seems like Ruslana, Sasha & Co. are about to be replaced by some other Eastern beauties. And by that I mean really far from the East we mainly talked about in model-terms before. It’s the continent where people don’t only live temporally in the future: Asia.
And with a huge beauty-wave, the 71st issue of beloved V Magazine hit me with an unexpected amazement. I just lately talked about how much we need new exotic mixtures in the modelworld and there they were: Liu Wen, Tao Okamoto, Shu Pei and Fei Fei Sun (last one might be a little better known by some of us) phtographed by Terry Tsiolis who did such a cool job that I can literally feel the sleek and sexy attitude those pictures transform. A pure beauty consisting of amazingly straight, healthy looking and wonderful black coloured hair, a mystic facial expression and that new wind they all four indicate. It doesn’t surprise that V Magazine dedicated their Summer Issue to the Far East which reveals not only great artists but also those true beauties with all their coolness. Where faces from the more Asian parts were just rarely found on top of magazines before, I just can hope that V Magazine and I won’t remain lonely with that feeling of the beginning of a new model-era (although Lady Gaga purfles the cover of V’s issue…).
I guess it is time to learn some new, shorter names .. this time I will try my best and so should the Russian girls do. There are strong rivals coming.

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With an Austrian and German background, Anna has lived in London for almost 7 years now. started as a personal fashion & lifestyle diary in 2009 and was re-launched in 2015 with a new design.

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