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Accessories F/W 11 … THE SHOES!

picturecredit: style.com
Thank God, style.com has released another Accessories Index, which helps me getting through the shopping dilemmas I just recently came across. I amazingly start getting disgusted by those midi/maxi/whatever-looks-alternative skirts mostly bought at Topshop or American Apparel hanging on every second waist of the female blogger-community. Plus (and sadly) I have a little downhill-go with colourblocking. Just really outstanding stuff can still impress while the average turned things existing at Zara (beside one blasting, orange jacket and my newly purchased green dress) get me frustrated when flitting through this shop.
Nevertheless, there are those aforementioned accessories released via style.com, which appear to be in style  for the colder season and although temperatures just start to go up, I can barely wait it to be fall/winter/my birthday (third one = most decisive one) again.
Being one of the most important parts to me, shoes must come first on my personal list.
Surprisingly names like Burak Uyan (never got into touch with that label before) and Brian Atwood (!) show up and therefore replace lovely Loubou a little. I got to confess that Louboutin turns into a label that does not appeal to my interest any longer (at least at the moment). Too many models that don’t represent the creative head we are used to – rather a fatal mixtureof former designs being punged together in one shoe.
Leaving this aside, I discovered that Scandinavian shoe-princess Camilla Skovgaard, who transformed her amsuing creativity into her shoes’ soles. Not red painted but appearing like a bunch of sticked together rubbers, she shows a little difference from similar shoe-designer Jeffrey Campbell (just to mention here that I additionally can’t see the Lita model any longer).
Another remarkable but rather simple and very elegant heel-version is the one by Gianvito Rossi. .The Italians once again – how could it be different! Simplicity and elegenace – two things, that never go out of fashion. Then, I’ve picked some flats either by Brian Atwood or some hot slippers by Aperlai.
And last but not least we have Diego Dolcini, whose creativity in relation to the result must have been inspired by something between a normal black heel and some beautiful dead bird. Lovely.
From Above to Below: Brian Atwood, Brian Atwood, Camilla Skovgaard, Aperlai, Burak Uyan, Brian Atwood (critical model, I admit), Christian Dior, Gianvito Rossi, Christian Dior, Raphael Young (how cool are those).
…and the Louboutin to tolerate.

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