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>Giambattista Valli FW11 .. the collection that made me falling in love!


I couldn’t choose any other title although I doubt that it is catchy enough for many readers to actually read through these lines. But to put the brilliance of Valli in one headline is not yet formed and thus I 
rather thought about bringing out my love in more words than just some catchers.
Where to begin when talking about Valli’s FW for 2011? It’s hard to choose a favourite piece, it’s hard to express what exactly caught me beside the fact that I found it finally interesting to wear goat fur(-like) details on coats, dresses and jackets. (ergh, I should have taken one of these fake goat-fur jackets Zara sold last winter but it always reminded me of some killed Yeti or cookiemonster being transformed into something wearable).
Statement necklines on simple cut dresses and tops bring out themselves more than ever and heavy shoulderpads lying on flower prints underline the game between simplicity and excitement.
Furthermore, I guess this time it’s all about sumptuous and volume when we talk about outstanding cuts and silhouettes while Valli additionally sets contrasts with putting in some simple, very clean chic-like pantsuits (again the symbiosis of simplicity in form of a clean chic and speciality was brought to a collection).
The wonderful colourblocking-issue (yes, I can’t hear myself any longer as well) was repeated and transformed into more winter-terms as it implies the shiny gold of the silky skirt and red, black as well as different shades of grey play major roles for the whole collection.

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    >love love love the colourful collection – the first five dresses are really beautiful!

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    >Gorgeous pictures. I love the use of color.
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    nd no my pink jeans are not from zara!
    its from Bershka!
    my legs were to tall For the zara :(

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