>New York City the upcoming weekend!


It has been way too long that I have visited one of the most amazing and pulsating cities in the entire world – New York. 
First and last time I got the chance to fly over was when I was twelve, so no wonder I barely can wait for Friday to come! 
If some of my beloved NYC-living/loving/knowing readers read that post I would be more than happy if you could tell me any cool, non-touristic places to go. No matter what it has to do with (and of course I’d be glad if there would be some fashion-tips to go;)), I welcome every insider-knowledge you would share. 
I will live at the Mondrian (did I already mention how much I love the Morgans Hotel Group?!) in Soho, which I guess is perfectly situated and has just opened in February.
Have a nice weekend & thanks for all the private mails I receive. I’m just about to answer each one of them personally! :) 

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