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First thing to start off this wonderful Thursday: The presentation of an absolute cool newcomer-label I just recently came across. Delikate Rayne. 
At first I was wondering where this name was coming from but then the intention of its creators was obviously revealed when I clicked on their online page and the explanation above showed up as an intro. 
The two sisters Komie and Meg describe themselves of being hungry of something different. Something, which stays to their East Indian roots (the name of the brand is the fusion of their respect for their country and their Hindi names)  and something, which connects illusion, power, beauty, fantasy and sisterhood. It is clear that they appear to be different from other newcomer labels. Their intention does not rely on any commercial, shallow aim. It is the passion to create something for us girls who care about style and future and never stand still. I personally love the description of the brand’s bio, when it says The brand is spun in the spirit of captivating wildcat temptress; the mold-breaking, unapologetic femininity of that girl you think you know, but really don’t.  That clearly shows how contradictory one can be but still care about how one dresses and changes over time (and meanwhile stay sexy but not cheap). 
Focusing more about their fashion, I can just tell how much I fell in love with several pieces. Although I’m not a fan of asymmetric cuts, there appears this grey pullover. At first sight so simply designed but then you look at it more precisely and what do you see at the back? A black triangle made of lace. Could it be more contradictory? The material, the cuts, the symbols – everything seems to be in a symbiosis and this underlines the personality Komie and Meg bring into their label. 
Another remarkable piece would be the multifunctional top/dress. How cool is that?!
And then we have the black longsleeved top, that comes in a length of a sexy dress and on the other side appears like a very short top. Perfect to combine to a tanktop in summer or a normal, colorful longsleeve in winter. 
Check out Delikate Rayne’s lookbook, collection, brand bio and blog on: 
I’m simply impressed by so much talent and I love their way to present themselves and their collection. You girls rock! Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of the world.

Delikate Rayne 
West Coast Sales: Secret Service Showroom
824 S. Los Angeles St. Suite 500

Los Angeles, CA 90014

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    >I love the first two photoss, thanks for sharing dear! xx

  • Rania K.

    >I like the lines of these clothes,different and stylish!

  • jos xx

    >i don't really like "cut" clothes, but these pics are totally original and interesting!! have difficulty in choosing my favourite one…maybe the first one!!!

    jos xx

  • H Rija

    >You have a great blog and I wondering if you want to follow each other

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  • Ceady

    >oh, great post!
    it looks amazing!

  • Sylvie

    >The first pics are just breathtaking ;)

    I really like your style…!

  • Chelsea Lane

    >I just posted about them! they have such great pieces :)



    >thhnx for your sweet comment! :D i reaaaally like these outfits, great how they seem just cutted and sewed randomly. wanna become a follower of mine?

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