>200 readers. time to thank! :)


I know that 200 readers may be ridiculous to some other bloggers and their 1000/2000/whatever something followers but all I can say is that I’m very happy to have such faithful followers who support each post with their honesty and all of their lovely comments. Therefore I wanted to thank everyone of you and say that I couldn’t be happier to hit the 200 border !!!  :) 
I think it’s not about how many readers one has but about the passion you people read over the posts and then tell me what you actually (don’t) like or what your favourite picture is or whatever you feel free to write down. I read every comment and try to answer each of you personally, even when some of the beloved people out there don’t have the balls to write their names and then click the “anonymous” button (PLEASE at least leave your name or email address or anything… how do you want to get the attention you’re seeking for when you’re anonymous?!) 
Anyways. I love you people and I hope that you continue to read my blog! There is nothing better than realising that there are even such great people who appreciate what I write (or who don’t) but who share their thoughts under some post of mine and tell me what they like or what they would like to see instead. 
You definitely made my day and encourage me to continue my passion for writing!! :) 

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With an Austrian and German background, Anna has lived in London for almost 7 years now. started as a personal fashion & lifestyle diary in 2009 and was re-launched in 2015 with a new design.

  • josyp

    >Your blog is so inspiring and pretty!! Who wouldn't love to read it?! Well done!!

    have a nice day,
    jos xx

  • Meg

    >Ah Ah Ah,nice post,really!Lovely blog,I follow u!
    Follow me back,if u like,on!

  • Ilka von Torok

    >congrats dear I love you to!
    xx Ilka

  • M*
  • *chameleon*

    >well to me it can be everything but not even for a second ridiculous,i am approaching to that number and i couldn't be happier!!:) so my dear girl congrats,u deserve not 200 but 2000 readers,and i am sure u'll reach that point in some time!:) thank u for a beautiful comment on my blog,it means a world to me!:) enjoy your day,many many kisses!!!!

  • Yvette

    >congrats! i recently got 200 follwers myself..

    wanna follow eachother?


  • Fedulab

    >Congrats, your blog is very interesting

  • Bloggers finder
  • Whitney Laura

    >Your blog is fantastic!! I love reading it!

  • Tabatha

    >Congrats! 200 is great :-) I was happy when I had my first 50 followers *g*

    Would you mind visiting my blog? Follow eachother if you like?

  • Kat

    >congrats on 200 followers!!! love your blog :)

  • diaswari predani

    >awww, im happy to hear that you have 200 followers on your blog dear :)
    remember, followers and readers make a blog great!
    btw, i read your comments on mine, The Blonde Salad was great
    i just checked it after reading your thoughts
    keep in touch, i always enjoy your entry :)

    sweets from me,

  • Elba Sáez

    >me encanta tu blog!! las fotos son muy bonitas!!
    muho estilo, por cierto me encatan los zapatos de la entrada anterior

  • Sick by Trend
  • l i s a z h a n g

    >i can only hope that my life will be as interesting enough for people to follow.

    loving ur posts again!


  • Jayjay

    >Love this post! I wish I can see your 1000th reader.

  • Dee O.

    >Congrats on 200!!!!! :) You do have a lovely blog!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  • welcometodeutschland

    >awww, i know how you feel! i have just over 50 followers but it still makes me feel important because i feel like people care about what i have to say


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