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>3.1 Philip Lim Pre-Fall 2011


Giving the pre-fall lookbooks for this year another go, I was really impressed by Philip Lim’s collection. With a focus on knit and a casual but sophisticated look, he proves that clean chic can be exciting over and over again.
Especially when I look at the knitted pullover-dresses, I discover two components, which make them wearable for me: The bandage-styled way how they were knitted (it appears to be the new way to put on the beloved knit-wear) and the colours being mainly grey and beige. Other colours include a dark blue, different shades of grey, obviously my everlasting favourite couple black and white as well as a little bit of fir tree green. Moreover fury details are given, which certainly make my heart beat faster. Especially the beige toned jacket in combination to the fury sleeves make the outfit ladylike without letting the model look frumpy. I’m not sure whether these sleeves belong to the jacket itself or whether they are belonging to some longsleeve under it. No matter what: I like.
My absolute favourite is the bandage-knitted pullover in combination to the shorts and the jacket with the green pullover beneath. The colour-in-colour outfit lets the pullover burst out and meanwhile doesn’t make the whole outfit “too much” of one colour due to these low-keyed shades. Another favourite would be the straight dark blued coat in combination to unusual, non-classic blouse and the simple shorts. Due to the blouse and its cut, the outfit doesn’t appear too conservative and therefore looks sophisticated.
Overall I can put that collection into my like-file & be happy that straightness as well as some colours never go out of fashion.

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