>Colourblocking, Flowerprint & Marinestyle – it’s JIL SANDER SS11


When it comes to the upcoming summer, Jil Sander decided to plunge some essential basics into her collection.
Firstly, we have the colourblocking, which seems to be one of the remarkable things we should remember for this season. I somehow can’t really relate to this colourblocking issue yet. I’m not favouring shrill and intensive colours and especially I don’t like them matched together. It always reminds me of a clown or someone who seems to be colourblind. I’m sorry to those who are either of the two similes. There is no doubt that it looks great in Jil Sander’s show to see all the wonderful models with all those colourblockings but that’s so not my taste. The only combination, and don’t laugh at me, which I would consider to be alright is simply black and white, but in case you want to tell me that black and white aren’t colours, then never mind. Maybe my little aversion against colourblocking changes – it’s a long time until summer. So moving on, I heard myself saying “I have it. I like it. Perfect.” when I discovered the timeless stripes on simple shirts and tops. I guess everyone has a top with some stripes on it , so I guess this little basic shouldn’t be hard to get/understand/like/whatsoever.  However, there is one specific thing, which I love about the whole stripe-issue and there Sander has definitely met my thought of stripes “the other way round”, when she put Vlada Roslyakova in that hot nude-striped top, where the stripes cover the most necessary parts. A definite LIKE.
Moreover, flowerprints seem to be another issue for Jil Sander and I can live with it but I don’t think that this is new or well transformed for the upcoming summer.
A colorful collection, which I personally would not consider to my favourites but somehow caught me and made me write about it.

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