>The Annual Winterwonderland


Due to some post-new-year’s-hangover, I decided to put up some pictures of my winterholidays here in Austria to get you a little impression of the wonderful place I’m still staying at.
I hope you don’t mind my little neglect on the more fashion-part of this blog but as soon as I’m in a better state of health, I’ll go back to my normal standards ;). 
For understanding: All these pictures were taken in Zürs or Lech at the Arlberg, which is in Austria. 
The firework you see is an old settled tradition here in that village to welcome the new year. There’s always another theme on the firework, which means that “A tribute to Michael Jackson” was decided last year while Frank Sinatra & Co. were chosen for this year. I just loved it and if you want to get an even closer impression of the whole spectacle, just click on the videos I uploaded beneath and for even further videos click on my Channel at Youtube.
If you wonder where I got that shirt – it’s bought at LOUD!store in Cologne and the scarf I got at Portobello Market in London ages ago. 
Have a nice rest of this first Monday in 2011! 
My absolute favourite .. Frank Sinatra and “I did it my way”: 

Is it really called “Candyman”? I’m sorry if I’m wrong but I just didn’t know how to call that video.

I guess there’s no explanation needed to this .. 

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