>2011 – Bring it on!


The less I like Christmas, the more I love New Year’s. I can’t even exactly tell why but it’s so much more exciting to celebrate the beginning of a new year. Just think about all the things, which could happen in the upcoming year and then reflect on the one before, which just comes to an end.
Looking back at my personal 2010 there were so many amazing things happening to me that I just can hope that 2011 will be a good year if not even a better one. I’ve passed my IB, I’ve done my driver’s permit (yes, I’ve mentioned that already but I’m still so proud that I finally got it haha), I moved to Maastricht and got into University, I gained precious people, who I don’t want to miss,  and lost those who approved their reliability as friends. There were people surprisingly building me up when others surprisingly let me down.
Ok, I don’t want to get into the complete sentimental drawer and I promise that I will stop immediately after just telling what I mostly learned this year. It was the way to ignore the people crossing some path in life, who don’t have any goodwill in you and appreciate the few one has with even more gratefulness. There will always be people in life who envy you for what you do, what you don’t do, what you have or what you don’t have and anything which makes it possible to them being jealous.
You never know what comes next and sometimes you can’t anticipate some things (may it be everything, which turns out to a negative piece in life) but when I look back life seems unpredictable to me.
So returning from my let’s-all-think-about-what-just-happened-to-us-and-get-sentimental-trip, I hope you all party as much as possible to welcome 2011 and I’m looking forward to click through all the lovely blogs to see different New Year’s outfits and maybe some inspiration. In that case, pleaaase dress yourself up .. there is nothing more depressing than seeing other girls having an average outfit when the evening is clearly called NEW YEAR’S EVE.
My outfit is another piece of transparent material with a focus on the unusual collar. I will post some pictures this evening before the huge New-Year-thing starts.
Having said this, there is just the wish of a Happy New Year, a lot of glamour, alcohol & fun left.
Cheers & a lot of bling bling!
And this track was produced by an old friend of mine, who’s just about to make his DJ career in the UK (I envy him a bit for being at Chinawhite in London tonight ;)). Thanks for that energy-rich and amazing version! Love it. 

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