Last Christmas …

… I’ve written a post about the whole christmas-spectacle, which we all have to face every year. Unfortunately I wrote it in German, so since I’m in a little “what-to-wear”-stress for tonight, I just translated it & hope you don’t take me too serious;).
Each christmas you get overloaded with texts, wall entries and mails telling you all the same stuff: ” I wish you a very happy Christmas. Have a nice evening & hope you get all your presents.”, which (in other words / in reality) means: I don’t have any clue what to write but since I was born I have been taught to wish each weirdo crossing my way a Merry Christmas. In fact “each weirdo” includes all your amazing friends you have on Facebook (so I guess the average is about 400 – all real friends of course) and certainly (to increase your little phone bill) the whole address book in your Blackberry or iPhone. And since the 24th is mostly stressful but on the other hand the most boring day you could have, you decide to write to everyone the same shit. The possibility to go into heaven after wishing everyone a happy Christmas will be increased (yes of course) because hello: It’s Jesus’ birthday. A reason to celebrate!
I consider this whole writing-pressure to be completely useless and without any sense of goodwill. We give us presents because … it is like it is . We stress the hell out of ourselves to get some completely useless presents last-minutely, because we were not bothered to do so the weeks before (hey, Christmas comes so quick each year. I just wore my summer-dress and woosh there was winter and christmas!?) and then, when we spent our money on some really lame things, which we would never buy for ourselves (because let’s face it: Who the hell needs some socks with the cookiemonster on it or a Justin-Bieber CD or some heart soap!?) we are hiding all these cool presents from each other to find out that we don’t remember where the heck we put them when we wanted to hide them at a really good place.
We hear “Last Christmas” each bloody year because this idiot George Michael decided to compose some lame world-hit, which we can’t forget of.
We have to call grandma and grandpa and the rest of the world to tell them how we feel on the 24th and we need to mime some kind look to the mean game, because Christmas is the only day we can’t avoid each other. Oh and what I MOSTLY love (!) are the people (especially the ones coming from my area, so Germany & Austria) wishing me “mArry christmas”. Certainly, they didn’t want to tell me how much they want to marry this day but I guess they rather want to demonstrate they lack in English (which in fact is fatal in German systems -> and I’m not sorry to all the German readers because you will discover that yourself if you ever go somewhere, where you have to use that language more than 5 hours per week).
Anyways. I don’t have anything against nice, useful presents…(hey, I just told Santa what to bring me this year ;)) but these random entries & texts are just unnecessary.
Having said this, I hope you all have a nice evening and no drama (oh how i love the fact that Christmas is notorious for the high possibility that a huge family-drama can be easily triggered ;)).
Below you can obviously see me & my Christmas-outfit. It’s a dress I bought at Topshop the other weekend I had the pleasure to be in London. More pictures of this outfit will be posted as soon as I survived that evening. (And yes, I’m just another Photo Booth-Bitch)

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